YouTube sender live 22. november

Fra YouTube på Facebook:

Join your fellow YouTube fans on November 22nd for a live streaming event that is part concert, part variety show and part party! Celebrate with YouTube live performances, celebrity guests, original videos, surprise collaborations and much more. Visit for details and updates. Watch this video, and share it with all our your YouTube loving friends:

Expect to see Internet-born stars like Soulja Boy Tell’em, Esmee Denters (viewed more than 100 million times on YouTube), and “Canon Rock” virtuoso Funtwo dazzling the crowd, along with mainstream acts like Akon who has the #12 Most Viewed YouTube Video of all time. There will also be a global b-boy showcase featuring dancers from the movie Planet B-boy; Discovery Channel’s MythBusters will add their signature style of explosive experimentation; that humble little instrument, the ukulele (itself a giant YouTube trend), taking center stage; and perhaps a free hug or two. The Black Eyed Peas’, three-time Grammy Award winner and Emmy winner for his groundbreaking video “Yes We Can,” will unveil a brand new awareness raising video consisting entirely of user generated videos.

In addition, the “Vlog Squad,” a group of long-time YouTube community members, will offer exclusive, behind-the-scenes access from different areas of the venue; William Sledd, Michael Buckley (What the Buck), Lisa Nova, and Tay Zonday have already been named as part of this ace reporting team. Tay Zonday will also put his unique pipes to work as the announcer for the show and Mike Relm will serve as house video jockey.

Subscribe to and visit the YouTube Live channel for updates:

And don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook.


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